Suxamethonium Chloride Inj 50mg/ml

Suxamethonium Chloride

Suxamethonium Chloride is used to relax muscles during operations on adults and children.

Adults, the elderly and adolescents over 12 years

By intravenous injection:

1mg per kilogram of bodyweight

Supplementary doses of around 50% to 100% of the initial dose given at 5 to 10 minute intervals will maintain muscle relaxation.

By intravenous infusion (drip):

0.1-0.2% solution, 2.5 to 4mg per minute

The maximum total dose is 500 mg.


Children 1 to 12 years

By intravenous injection:

1-2mg per kilogram of bodyweight.

Infants (under 1 year): 2mg per kilogram.

100mg/2ml    10 ampoules/box


Suxamethonium Chloride